Crew Member Listing for Mission




Crew Member Listing for Mission 277 Flown on 2/9/1945

Mission City: Arnsberg      Country: Germany

Mission Target: Viaduct      Aircraft: 44-8310      Name:  

 Name  Rank  Duties  Remarks

Alfred  E  Edwards Jr. 

 2nd Lieutenant 



Lester  W  Bohne 

 2nd Lieutenant 



Billy  C  Hulsey 

 2nd Lieutenant 



Melvin  W  Townsend 

 Staff Sergeant 

 Nose Gunner/Togglier


Wallace  I  Pfieffer 


 Radio Operator/Gunner


Janel  D  Hamilton 


 Engineer/Top Turret Gunner


William  H  Melvin Jr. 


 Ball Turret Gunner


Harry  G  Chaoona 


 Waist Gunner


Michael     Rusnak 


 Tail Gunner


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