Crew Member Listing for Mission 239 Flown on 10/15/1944

Mission City: Cologne / Geron      Country: Germany

Mission Target: Marshalling Yards      Aircraft: 42-50725      Name:  

 Name  Rank  Duties  Remarks

Edward  C.  Lehnhausen 

 1st Lieutenant 



Edwin     Friday 

 Flight Officer 



Leonard  (NMI)  Witkin 

 2nd Lieutenant 



Newell     Johnson 

 2nd Lieutenant 



Byron  C.  Davis 


 Nose Gunner/Togglier


Ernest  C.  Fuxa 


 Radio Operator/Gunner


Richard  D.  Haynam 


 Engineer/Top Turret Gunner


William  A.  Young 


 Right Waist Gunner


Carl  E.  Adams 


 Left Waist Gunner


Noah  (NMI)  Gunter 


 Tail Gunner


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