44th Bomb Group Mission Number 12

Date City Country Target
2/15/1943 Dunkirk France German Radar Ship

Unofficial Mission Summary 

The target for this mission was the German Raider of the Tojo class that was docked at Dunkirk and expected to be ready to slip out at anytime to raid Allied shipping.

This was a hasty afternoon mission when recon ship had discovered the target. Seventeen planes took off from the base (7 of the 67th's) with the 67th leading the formation, and several planes of the 329th Squadron of the 93rd BG. Both Capt. Warne and Lt. Cameron participated.

The formation crossed the Enemy coast without encountering an enemy aircraft. The bomb run was long in order to make certain of scoring hits, as this target required bombing of the utmost precision and accuracy.

A 68th Squadron ship #800, piloted by Capt. Cramer, was hit by flak in #4 engine just before bombs were away. The same hit crippled the bomb release mechanism, the hydraulic system and portions of the oxygen system. Number 4 engine was feathered and shortly thereafter three FW 190's attacked in line astern, from 9 o'clock. One of the FW 190's was claimed as destroyed and one damaged. But, they in turn damaged #2 engine and a.20 mm shell entered the cockpit, bursting just aft of the pilot, Capt. Cramer, who was protected by the armor plate behind him. At the same time two 20 mm shells entered the waist slightly wounded the belly gunner. And during the next attack #1 engine was seen to be burning. This was extinguished temporarily and #2 engine was feathered. It was at this time that three FW 190's finished off Lt. Oliphant's ship.

Bombs were jettisoned manually, and #1 engine caught afire again. And about this time Lt. Flynn, Lt. Poole and T/Sgt. Crump bailed out by way of the bomb bay, and their parachutes Opened properly. Capt. Cramer succeeded in crash landing #800 on the English beach 10 to 15 yards from the water's edge. No one was injured by this exceptional landing.
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