44th Bomb Group Mission Number 9

Date City Country Target
1/3/1943 St. Nazaire France  

Unofficial Mission Summary 

St. Nazaire, primarily a ship building and fitting-out port, was the target on 3 Jan. The purpose of the attack was to disrupt the work going on, and especially in the submarine shelters. There were normally a large number of subs being built and fitted for Atlantic raids on Allied shipping.

The 44th was assigned the destruction of torpedo stores there. Of the 13 planes taking off, eight bombed and three of them 67th's. The formation flew over Nantes, encountering slight flak, but from that point on until it passed over the French coast on the way back, increasingly heavy flak was encountered. The bombs were dropped short and to the left of the main area of the target with but surface vessels being hit. On the way out our Libs followed the Forts back past Lands End, turned off in the vicinity of Templeton Airdrome, close to Haverfordwest west Wales, all running low on fuel. Three ships crash-landed.
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