44th Bomb Group Mission Number 118

Date City Country Target
4/9/1944 Tutrow Germany Airdrome

Unofficial Mission Summary 

Tutow Airdrome, Germany was the scheduled target for today but very unfavorable weather confronted the formation so a recall was issued. Some of the planes dropped their bombs before the recall was issued. The results were believed to have been good as fires were seen burning even though observations were hampered by poor weather conditions. Very heavy flak and enemy aircraft attacks were experienced by the Group with the 68th losing one plane to enemy aircraft, A/C #42-72858 U "Pistol Packin Mama". This aircraft landed at Bulltofta, Sweden with damage to wings and nose. The pilot was 1st Lt. Hiram C. Palmer, 68th Sq. Photographs showed many fires burning, good concentrations were placed on the main installations, barracks and minor workshops. It is estimated that 15 to 25 enemy aircraft were encountered and claims of two E/A destroyed and two probable were made.
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