44th Bomb Group Mission Number 121

Date City Country Target
4/13/1944 Lechfeld Germany Twin-Engine Fighter Plant

Unofficial Mission Summary 

1st Lt. James C. Owens joined from Hq. 44th BG. (or 68th?) A fighter plant in Germany was the target at Lechfeld. The twin-engine fighter plants and GAF airfield adjoining were hit visually with good results. Eight 67th aircraft took off at 1030 hours, one ship returned early, with the remaining seven reaching the target, bombing and six returned to base at 1830 hours. One aircraft, #330 was missing in action, pilot R.C. Griffith of the one-wheel landing fame, was forced to land in Switzerland. Generally, weak fighter opposition was met, while moderate and accurate flak was experienced by the group. The Group only put up 17 ships, 14 of them hit the target which was deep in the southern part of Germany near the Swiss border. One of the 67th ships returning early was Lt. Mercer's - "As we crossed-the French coast our four superchargers went out. Had to drop out of formation and return our bomb load of 12 x 500 at 1330 hours. Our ship "L'il Cookie" has been acting up lately."

67th A/C #42-100330 L Entire crew Interned in Switzerland

Griffith, Rockford C. 1st Lt. Pilot Ft. Worth, Texas
Tinsman, William 1st Lt. Co-pilot Newton, Penna.
Jackson, Ralph B. 2nd Lt. Navigator New York City, NY.
Hoerl, Norbert A. 1st Lt. Bombardier Houston, Texas
Parrish, Earl J. T/Sgt. Engineer Freedom, Indiana
Clark, Forrest S. S/Sgt. Radio Oper. Caldwell, New York
Marion, Sid T. S/Sgt. Gunner, LW Asheboro, N. Car.
Harmon, Harold P. S/Sgt. Gunner, RW Gorham, Maine
Bartey, Forrest E. S/Sgt. Gunner, Tail Rosenberg, Texas
Strutz, George J. S/Sgt. Gunner, Ball Rochester, N.Y.

Records indicate that Sgt. Bartay returned to duty 6 Oct 1944. At the Shipdham base rumors were flying because the entire base personnel were restricted. No one could leave the base for any reason - and they stressed the point. But nothing happened!
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