44th Bomb Group Mission Number 124

Date City Country Target
4/20/1944 Pas DeCalais (Marquise) France Recalled

Unofficial Mission Summary 

A short, late mission to the now famous Pas-de-Calais area, Marquise/Mimoyecques being the intended target, but the aircraft were recalled before the bombs were dropped. Take-off was at 1600 hours for 26 of the 44th planes (8 of them 67th's) and returned at 2000 hours. Flak ranged from moderate and inaccurate to moderate accurate, with several planes experiencing minor damage. In the target area 6/10 to 7/-10ths cumulus clouds at 7,000 feet obscured the target for bombing. The GAF sent approximately 40 enemy aircraft over England. Our field was bombed and strafed, with no casualties and only minor damage. M/Sgt. Nelson's ship narrowly escaped damage and crew injury when the strafing aircraft placed machine gun bullets all around it, but no hits. The 66th Squadron held a meeting where Major Kahl announced that their squadron airplanes had been transferred to the various squadrons on the field and that the 66th would consist of PFF ships only; and that their men would be trained to handle their new jobs on these ships. Also, 30 missions were required to earn the Legion of Merit, but more than this number is desired if possible.
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