44th Bomb Group Mission Number 125

Date City Country Target
4/22/1944 Hamm Germany Marshalling Yards

Unofficial Mission Summary 

The 67th Squadron scheduled ten planes for a mission to the Marshalling Yards at Hamm, Germany. 27 of the 44th ships were off at 1615 hours and returned at 2200 hours. Two planes returned early, so 25 went over the target and bombed with good results. Enemy aircraft were few but the 68th Squadron claimed one as destroyed. Flak was moderate but rather inaccurate. This target was selected as this is the busiest and largest marshalling yard dealing with general traffic in Germany. But on the return to England other Groups experienced German aircraft following them in the evening dusk, hindering their landing. The E/A were difficult to spot and several B-24s were shot down by the Germans - and also possibly by the flak that was temporarily being thrown up at the intruders. This is the first time that such a situation has occurred, with our planes returning near dusk and having to turn on the landing lights. It was not done again. Approximately 20 E/A were involved, making attacks lasting about 45 minutes. Seven B-24s were shot down and eight sustained minor damages, two with major damages. No 44th craft was involved. The 66th Squadron transferred approximately 134 officers and enlisted men to the other squadrons on the base, and 20 transferred into the squadron.
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