44th Bomb Group Mission Number 127

Date City Country Target
4/27/1944 Moyenneville France  

Unofficial Mission Summary 

DOUBLE-HEADER DAY!! The long threatened two-mission-a-day finally became a reality. There were six of the Group's planes that made both missions. The first mission was to Moyenneville, France, primary, in the morning with 20 planes taking part (8 from the 67th) and the 67th lost one plane. Seven 67th planes returned to base at 1115 hours. Bombing results were good as the MPI was covered. The afternoon job was the Marshalling Yards at Chalons-Sur-Marne, France, this time with 25 of the 44th ships (9 of them 67th). Some of our crews made both missions. All nine of the 67th Squadron's ships were over the target and returned safely with good bombing results. Return was at 2100 - dusk. In the morning's mission the flak was moderate, intense, accurate and hitting Lt. Clarey's ship. On the second trip flak was moderately accurate with many of the 44th planes sustaining battle damage. Fighter support was excellent. To say the least, the entire Group had a busy day. Sgt. Kipnes relates, "Quite unexpectedly operation called another briefing at 1330. We were scheduled in our new ship C which we have just named "Glory Bee". I did not hear about the briefing. So Major Felber, our squadron commander, came and picked me up in a jeep and brought me directly to our plane. When we arrived at the dispersal area, the engines were already warming up and the crew was preparing for taxiing. Very little flak into target, but plenty on the way out. We were lucky -- no hits on our new ship. Glad this one is over as this was my 13th mission. Really, I am not superstitious, but I am still glad it's behind me. Bomb results very good - bomb load 12 X 500 lbs."
67th A/C #41-29467 X
Clarey, Howard A. Jr. 1st Lt. Pilot Yardley, Penna. Unreported; later KIA
Rhodes, Carl E. 2nd Lt. Co-pilot Birmingham, Ala. Unreported; later KIA
Forest, George W. 2nd Lt. Navigator Upper Darby, Pa. Unreported; later KIA
Hinkle, Glenn E. 2nd Lt. Bombardier Burlingame, Cal. Unreported; later KIA
Shirley, Raymond S/Sgt. Engineer Lexington, Ky. Officially reported POW
Chagnon, Paul S/Sgt. Radio Oper Salem, Mass. Officially reported POW
Phillips, Allen W. S/Sgt. LW Gunner Richmond Hill, N.Y. Unreported; later KIA
Rieger, Martin A. S/Sgt. RW Gunner New York City, NY. Unreported; later KIA
Youse, Charles M. Sgt. Tail Tur. Sunbury, Penna. Unreported; later KIA
Lytle, Leslie L. Sgt. Nose Tur. Portland, Oregon Unreported; later KIA

This aircraft was observed to have received a direct hit by flak on its #3 & #4 engines. The right wing fell off and A/C tipped on its left wing and started down in a tight spiral. It became enveloped in flames and exploded. No chutes seen.
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