44th Bomb Group Mission Number 134

Date City Country Target
5/8/1944 Brunswick Germany  

Unofficial Mission Summary 

33 aircraft of the Group (10 being 67th) took off to attack primary target on Plan A, the airdrome at Gutersloh, Germany, carrying 500 GPs. However, Plan B, a target in Brunswick, Germany was bombed on PFF, and the results were unobserved due to 10/10th clouds, smoke and ground haze. Time off was 0600 hours, and bombing altitude of 23,000 feet. The 506th Lt. Walsh in #177 was abortive after turning back twice: once for a crew member who forgot his oxygen mask and the second time as his radio operator broke his arm in the top turret! The formation met strong attacks by over 150 single-engine enemy aircraft near the target. Three enemy aircraft were claimed destroyed by gunners of the Group, two from the 67th Sq.: T/Sgt. William V. Rand, flying as a top turret gunner on A/C #616 was credited with an Me 109; S/Sgt. John F. Cox, flying as right waist gunner on A/C #616 (Glory Bee) was credited with one FW 190. This was a memorable day for the 66th Sq. as it was their first lead with PFF ship. Capt. Armstrong, pilot and Major Kahl as Command Pilot along with 11 other crew member flew in A/C #794 Q(?). All aircraft returned to base at 1300 hours. Flak, in general, was accurate for altitude but off on deflection near the target. Lt. Mercer s 'plane, #616 "Glory Bee" of the 67th Squadron destroyed two E/A. Sgt. Kipnes relates that: "Just as we started our bomb run we were hit by about 35 enemy aircraft. Buttons (Sgt. Rand) got an Me 109. Some of us saw this E/A explode. Cox, our replacement gunner, got another one. Our ships in our formation saw these two planes going down. Temperatures of 40 degrees below zero registered at bombing altitude of 23,000 feet. The 66th Squadron regrets the loss of two members in an aircraft crash on this date, but they were not members of Capt. Armstrong's crew. So this must not have been an operational flight.

Mr. Tom Brittan has advised me that a 44th aircraft #41-28795 crashed at Halvergate on this date.
Dead are: 1st Lt. Forest M. Musgrave and T/Sgt. Lawrence E. Cargill.
They were reported as shot down!
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