44th Bomb Group Mission Number 135

Date City Country Target
5/9/1944 St. Trond/Brustem Belgium Airfield

Unofficial Mission Summary 

Missions are coming thick and fast these days. Another one today with the 67th putting up nine ships in the 30 plane formation of the 44th. All aircraft reached the target, St. Trond / Brustrem A/F, Belgium and bombed with excellent results. This bombing was done at the request of the RAF who have encountered night fighters in quantity operating from this base. Bomb load was 52 x 100 M47s. One 68th Squadron plane, #42-100110, had a premature explosion of bombs just beneath the ship, and five men bailed out. (Four became POWs and one returned to duty.) But Lt. Larson brought the damaged plane back to England and crash-landed "Northern Lass" at Attleboro. Group landed at 1140 hours. Lt. J.P. Ferguson was assigned today. Sgt. Kipnes adds: "For awhile we could not find the target. I had the bomb bay doors open three times before we were sure of the target. Finally we let them go. On the way to the target we saw a B-24 ditching in the Channel. We saw our fighters circling the downed plane, so they must have been picked up." Roger Freeman reports that it was a 389th BG plane, two saved.
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