44th Bomb Group Mission Number 144

Date City Country Target
5/25/1944 Belfort France Marshalling Yards

Unofficial Mission Summary 

Captain Aldridge led the Group today on a mission to Belfort Marshalling Yards, with Major Lehnhausen (68th) as Command Pilot. 26 Aircraft were dispatched (8 were 67th), 24 of them bombed the Primary which is about 10 miles NW of the Swiss Border. The target lies on the main line railroad from Paris to Switzerland and southern Germany. There are large locomotive repair shops in the center of the yards, which was the MPI. The Group bombed by two sections. The second section was flying with the 492nd BG. Smoke obscurred vision and the 1st section hit slightly over, some hits in the Marshalling yards and results were considered good. Flak was meager and slightly accurate in the target area; and the fighter support was excellent. Nevertheless, the 67th Squadron lost Lt. Tomer and crew. The aircraft was observed to leave the formation at 0842 hours with #2 engine feathered and #3 smoking went into a steep dive but apparently under control and headed towards Switzerland

67th A/C #42-94962 X Missing Air Crew Report #5158

Tomer, Frank J. 2nd Lt. Pilot Corona, Calif. Unreported; later KIA
Sanders, James E. 2nd Lt. Co-pilot Byron, Ohio Unreported; later KIA
Franson, Quinten A. 2nd Lt. Navigator Sedgewick, Colorado Unreported; later KIA
Prince, Bertis R. 2nd Lt. Bombardier Los Angeles, Calif. Unreported; later KIA
Navish, Kenneth C. S/Sgt. Engineer Cleveland, Ohio Later, reported KIA
Katz, Ervin S/Sgt. Radio Oper Chicago, Illinois Later, reported KIA
Thurman, Homer A. Sgt. LW Gunner Turner, Kansas Unreported; later KIA
Brose, William F. Sgt. RW Gunner Fords, New Jersey Returned to duty 10 Sep 1944
Anderson, Eldon B. Sgt. Tail Tur. Stanford, Texas Officially reported POW
Steburg, Willis L. Sgt. Ball Tur. Los Angeles, Calif. Officially reported POW
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