44th Bomb Group Mission Number 145

Date City Country Target
5/27/1944 Saarbrucken Germany Marshalling Yards

Unofficial Mission Summary 

The 27th must be double-headen day! Once again we have two missions to test the abilities of the entire personnel and it all came off without too many hitches having shown. The 67th had 8 A/C join with 16 from the other two squadrons (no 66th) with take-off at 0800 hours in the first mission to Saarbrucken, Germany. The Marshalling Yards there was hit with good results and all ships returned to base at 1530 hours. This target is a key railway town between Germany and south-central France. The only flak encountered was over the target and it was moderate and quite accurate. No losses. Bomb loading was 10 x 500 GPs. with the first squadrons hits being good, and the second squadron were excellent. Sgt. Kipnes adds that "We had one of the best fighter escort we have ever seen with no enemy planes in sight through the entire mission. At our briefing earlier, we were told that our fighter escort would number over 1000 planes, and the sky was covered with P-38s, P-47s and P-51s. They covered us like a blanket!"
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