44th Bomb Group Mission Number 147

Date City Country Target
5/28/1944 Zeitz Germany Oil Plants

Unofficial Mission Summary 

In the wee hours of the morning German planes came over and dropped a few "eggs" near the 506th Squadron Site but no damage was done. A deep penetration into Germany today, the target again being the oil plants located in Zeitz, and reportedly was at the request of the Russians. Eight of the 67th planes accompanied the 9 planes each by the 68th and 5o6th, took off at 1000 hours, reached the target and bombed with excellent results. The 506th lost a plane to the slight but accurate flak that the Group experienced. A/C #42-110045 "The Banana Barge" and piloted by Lt. Gurman and crew were lost, but all became POWs. Sgt. Kipnes add this. "Bomb results excellent with smoke from the bombed out refinery reaching to about 20,000 feet. Our fighter escort was excellent and therefore no enemy fighter attacks. On the return trip we passed through the German fighter belt with out seeing any. We had a lovely view of France and Germany. But 20 minutes into enemy territory, Rand's top turret and both guns went out. We were quite worried for this gave us only six guns for protection. So we were lucky that there were no VA attacks. On the way back we lost #4 engine and landed on three engines. Lt. Mercer did it again by landing as if nothing were wrong. Landed at 1740 hours." Lt. Hess and crew was relieved from assignment and assigned to the 15th Air Force. S/Sgt. Keith Nutter completed his tour today.
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