44th Bomb Group Mission Number 148

Date City Country Target
5/29/1944 Politz Germany Oil Plants

Unofficial Mission Summary 

Capt. Aldridge, 67th, was selected to lead the Group again today on another deep penetration into Germany, but had to turn back when the #1 engine propeller ran away, the oil pressure dropped to 30 pounds, so had to feather the engine and return to base. The remaining seven 67th ships, along with 20 other 44th aircraft reached the target and bombed. Take-off was at 0800 and return was at 1600 hours. The target was an oil plant at Politz, Germany, bomb loading was 10 x 500 lb GPs, and results were fair, to good. On the bomb run the Group experienced some very determined attacks by the enemy FW 190s. Approximately fifty enemy aircraft made attacks and as a result, nine of them were destroyed, two probables, and two damaged. The gunners of the 44th did themselves proud, S/Sgt. Haynes F. Elliott, flying as tail gunner on A/C #087 was credited with the destruction of a JU 88. In addition two gunners of the 68th were credited with two destroyed. There was flak encountered over the target in a moderate heavy barrage-type, but fairly inaccurate. One ship each was lost to these attacks one by the 68th and one by the 506th. The 68th was A/C #42-73500 F piloted by 1st Lt. F.L. Foy who took his plane to Sweden after the E/A had knocked out two engines and damaged a wing, and was low on fuel, and all men safe. 506th A/C #42-63962 X Princess piloted by 1st Lt. Ralph Golubock and landed at Bulltofta, Sweden 8 men returned to duty in November 1944, one man POW and one man (engineer) remained. S/Sgt. William F. Carnell, 67th, was aboard Lt. Foy's ship. Sgt. Kipnes again adds: "Bombing altitude was 20,000 feet. We saw every type of known fighter plane that Germany has Me-'109s, FW 190s, JU 88s, Me 210 and Me 410. Our fighter support was very poor. Enemy fighters were able to attack, then reform and attack again. Finally a few P-47s came to our aid. JU 88s were coming in low from 6 o'clock - they seemed to know that we have removed our ball turrets! Our Group lost two planes and a radio operator was wounded, along with an engineer (68th's S/Sgt. C.E. Williams) who was killed in another ship. This was my "DFC" mission - it was some rough mission". 506th's 42-50328 0 crash landed, repaired. M/Sgt. George Baccash was selected as the enlisted man of the week (67th Sq.) for his crew having set a record for the fantest engine change ever accomplished on this base. Sgt. Baccash is the second man to be recognized from this squadron this month. Congratulations are in order for Sgt. Baccash and his crew of Lundy, Stoddard, Fusco and Bailey. One new crew assigned and joined.
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