44th Bomb Group Mission Number 150

Date City Country Target
5/31/1944 Brussels Belgium No Bombs Dropped

Unofficial Mission Summary 

The 67th Squadron closed out the month by putting up nine aircraft along with 11 others from the 44th on a scheduled mission to Brussels, Belgium. However, no bombs were dropped because of bad weather. Meager inaccurate flak came over Dunkirk; and we had excellent fighter support. However, all aircraft were given sortie credit for the abandoned mission. Lt. Mercer's crew took off in "Eight Ball" with the target being the marshalling yards at Brussells, Sgt. Kipnes adds that upon arriving at the enemy coast they ran into heavy, thick clouds which were as high as 25,000 feet. Mission was aborted when they were about 10 minutes from target. Evidently we weren't permitted to drop bombs by PFF into the heart of Brussels for fear of missing target and killing many Belgium people. Our ship "8 Ball" was a brand new ship and had no camouflage paint. It was all bright and shiny aluminum plane. We can now increase our cruising speed by 10 to 15 MPH. Bomb load 8 x 1000 lb. Flew lead ship in our element.
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