44th Bomb Group Mission Number 164

Date City Country Target
6/15/1944 Tours France Bridge

Unofficial Mission Summary 

Eight ships each from the 67th and 68th, (? from 506) no PFFs from the 66th attacked the bridge near La Frilliers and Tours, France. Capt. Aldridge (67th) led the Group which was composed of two sections. All A/C went over the target and all released their bomb loads of 12 x 500 lb demos. Strike photos show the results were excellent with the pattern completely covering the MPI. Capt. Kuch was Lead Pilot of the 2nd squadron and also had excellent results. The Group had 100% of their bombs within 2000 feet of the MPI, and most of them were within 1000 feet. Moderate flak was encountered. No 67th planes were damaged but 2 from the 68th sustained minor battle damage. The Group met enemy aircraft attacks but only one was shot down by our gunners - credited to a 506 Squadron gunner. The fighter support was excellent. Planes returned at 1030 hours. Lt. Jones adds: 'Awakened at 0030 hours. We are flying A today and are in #5 spot. Caen was in flames. About 20 miles inside France E/A hit a B-24 between the two squadrons. We see three FW 190s and a JU 88 lob a couple rockets, but no damage to our formation - and the P-51s drive off the fighters.'
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