44th Bomb Group Mission Number 166

Date City Country Target
6/18/1944 Bremerhaven/Wesemunde Germany Target of Opportunity

Unofficial Mission Summary 

Two of the 66th PFF ships, Capts. Grow and Hammer, flew with the 44th - Grow had Major Kahl as Command Pilot leading our formation. 4 other PFFs flew leads with the 392nd and 466th. Lt. Ward (67th) led the 3rd section of the Group with 11 aircraft of the 67th. The primary target was Luneburg Airfield, near Hannover, Germany. On arrival at the primary it was found to be obscured by cloud cover as was the secondary. Therefore, the nine ships in the 67th section did not bomb. Lt. Starkey bombed individually on a target of opportunity and Lt. Herring bombed on PFF, hitting Bremerhaven. Results of the bombing was only fair for the Group. The formation returned to base at 1230 hours; 67th ship #021, Limpin Ole Sadie, with considerable battle damage - the right wing hit by flak severing the bulkhead. The fighter escort was excellent. A/C #031 was flown on this mission by a 506th crew. All ground enlisted men stood dental inspection today. Major Kahl, 68th's C.O., completed his tour of duty today. Pilot-less aircraft are operating over southern England in larger ,numbers.
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