44th Bomb Group Mission Number 170

Date City Country Target
6/21/1944 Berlin Germany Target of Opportunity

Unofficial Mission Summary 

Almost one month has elapsed since the last trip to the Big City - Berlin. Today, the crews were briefed to attack the large motor works at Genshagen, a suburb just 20 miles south of the heart of Berlin. Specific target was the Daimler-Benz Motor Works but very bad weather prevented visual bombing, so Berlin was hit utilizing the PFF method, results unobserved. The 67th put up ten aircraft, all in the first section which was led by Capt. Grow in a 66th PFF. Lt. Carter, flying ship #320 was abortive when the #1 engine ran away and oil pressure dropped sharply. 67th's aircraft numbers 616 and 411 were flown by crews of the 506th Squadron. Ships #367 and 967 were flown by crews of the 68th Squadron. The plane with a 506th crew A/C #42-100411 E, piloted by 2nd Lt. N.E. Howe, is MIA. (1 KIA, 8 POW). Our nine 67th planes were over the target and bombed with fair to good results. The flak was fairly moderate, barrage tracking and accurate. Out of the 36 aircraft that bombed, 25 were damaged. There was an enemy aircraft attack on the low left squadron, but none on the 67th formation. The E/A, Me 109s were driven off by our fighter support, but not without hits being made. Some rockets were encountered also, but their effect was of little value. The 506th took the brunt of the enemy attacks and at first reported three lost, but only #411 officially. The formation returned at 18:00 hours. 68th's Lt. J.M. Smith, in Flak Magnet, crash landed. Lt. Jones ( Lt. H.C. Henry's crew) adds: Up again at midnight. How I wish they'd give us a rest! Off at 0500 in J (#318) with a load of 10 x 500 lbers. After some five hours we reach the target. Escort is fairly good but we have a period of some 30 minutes without escort just before the target. They can't seem to make up their minds. This causes half of the formation to drop too soon. We didn't hit the target very well. We get back and land at 1320 quite a few ships land with hydraulic systems out and one without any rudder control. 66th's PFFs provided Lead of 467th BG; lead of 466th BG; lead and deputy lead of the 392nd BG.
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