44th Bomb Group Mission Number 171

Date City Country Target
6/22/1944 Nucourt France Military Installations

Unofficial Mission Summary 

Eight of the 67th ships accompanied the Group (no 66th PFFs) on a short one to Nucort, France, a main supply site for the Military Installations along the coast of France. Take-off was at 0930 and the return at 1350 hours. Nucort is also suspected as being a supply site for the Buzz Bomb installations, too. The results of the bombing was good. Flak was meager and inaccurate so far as the 67th planes were concerned, but the 68th had one damaged. St. Cyr. France, an airfield, was the second mission for today. This A/F has been hit a number of times, but always with rather poor results. This time, however, the airfield was hit with very excellent results. Capt. Marcoullier was the Lead Pilot of the Group, the formation only 12 planes (four 67th). Meager to moderate accurate flak was encountered and the 68th had two more planes suffering Category "A" battle damages. Between 50 and 75 pilotless aircraft (V-1s) were over England today with about 37 over London. They are being handled with much better success by the ack-ack batteries and fighter planes over southern England. Lt. Jones adds: "We finally got a day off but we had to apply for it through the flight surgeon - slept most of the day." Laon/Anthies A/F. France was the target for 23rd with the bomb results being from very excellent to fair. Flak over the target was very accurate and quite heavy on the 68th Squadron's ships. Two runs were made on the target in order to get the correct sighting and the 68th planes suffered two category "AC" and five "A". Eight of the 67th planes bombed and returned at 2215 hours. A/C #820 was flown by the 68th Squadron. Lt. A. Jones adds: "At 1330 we were called to briefing Ship a B-24H, a bomb load of 52 x 100 lb GPs, and duration of 6-1/2 hours. Saw one ship crash, hit by flak; two others were shot down with 5 chutes seen"
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