44th Bomb Group Mission Number 173

Date City Country Target
6/23/1944 Laon/Athies France Airfield

Unofficial Mission Summary 

Laon/Anthies A/F. France was the target for 23rd with the bomb results being from very excellent to fair. Flak over the target was very accurate and quite heavy on the 68th Squadron's ships. Two runs were made on the target in order to get the correct sighting and the 68th planes suffered two category "AC" and five "A". Eight of the 67th planes bombed and returned at 2215 hours. A/C #820 was flown by the 68th Squadron. Lt. A. Jones adds: "At 1330 we were called to briefing Ship a B-24H, a bomb load of 52 x 100 lb GPs, and duration of 6-1/2 hours. Saw one ship crash, hit by flak; two others were shot down with 5 chutes seen"
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