44th Bomb Group Mission Number 175

Date City Country Target
6/25/1944 Doullens France Powerhouse

Unofficial Mission Summary 

Capt. Schmidt, 67th, led the Group today with 12 aircraft from the 67th forming the Ist section. The target was a power- house at Doullens, France - a very small target to hit. Lt. Murry did a good job of hitting it from 25,000 feet - the results were excellent, and all of the planes bombed. The 44th had two other targets, Abbeville was hit by another squadron of 12 planes, and.Amiens was hit by the 68th, again with 12 planes, but with poor results. Flak action was meager but fairly accurate as four of the 68th's sustained some battle damage. There were no enemy fighter activities observed.
So Captain Schmidt finished his tour in a blaze of glory with an outstanding job of bombing, not to mention the super buzz job he gave the field upon returning. The formations returned to base at 1420 hours. 67th airplanes #021 T and #820 were flown by the 506th Squadron.
lst Sgt. Robert Ryan inspected Site #1 - conditions very good. 2nd Lts. promoted included Hill and four others (can't read) effective the 21st.
Lt. A. Jones adds from his diary: "Bomb load was 12 x 500 lb GPs, ship was M, an. H model. There was a little flak from Belgium as we went over but no flak at the target. Saw Brussels and the White Cliffs of Dover today. A castle was destroyed by mistake on this mission - everyone feels bad about it."
The 66th's PFF ships, two of them, were sent as leads for another Group (not identified). The target was Bretigny, France. No other information located.
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