44th Bomb Group Mission Number 180

Date City Country Target
7/4/1944 Beaumont Le Roger France Airfield

Unofficial Mission Summary 

After three days of inactivity, the Group celebrated the Glorious Fourth by blasting the Beaumont-Le-Roger Airfield in France. 10 of the 67th aircraft participated in the Group effort of 28 planes taking off, 27 of them attacking. The one plane failing to bomb was the 68th's #42-100412 V piloted by 1st Lt. B.L. Schaffer. This A/C developed propeller and engine trouble and was forced to turn back. The plane was in such bad shape upon returning to southern England that it was impossible to land. It was shaking so badly that it could not be controlled, so the crew bailed out and the plane crashed in an open field southwest of London. Over the target meager inaccurate flak was encountered but no damage to the Groups planes. Lt. Jones adds: "Take-off delayed two hours. Ship T broke down with no gas pressure so we used N, took off late with a load of 52 x 100 GPs. Never did find our (67th) squadron but tagged on to the 68th's. Dropped through overcast - couldn't see the results. The only opposition was about seven rockets."

The following promotions were effective as of 1 July 1944:
From S/Sgt. to T/Sgt. : Turek and Cudd
From Sgt. to S/Sgt : Latimer, Conroy, Schonfield, Greving Gregory, Calloway, Porter and Troy.
From Cpl. to Sgt. : Stoddard, Brown
From Pvt. to Cpl. : Heinback, Gianopulis, King
From Pvt. to Pfc. : Greenfield, Wall, Scheetz and DeShane.
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