44th Bomb Group Mission Number 181

Date City Country Target
7/6/1944 Kiel Germany Submarine Pens and Docks

Unofficial Mission Summary 

32 of the 44th's planes took off today, 7 were PFFs, 8 each by the 67 and 68, 9 by the 506th on a mission to the submarine pens at Kiel, Germany. Two planes were abortive: Lt. Starkey (67) lost #1 engine and Lt. Stone (506) due to personnel trouble. The 66th's PFF flew leads for the 392nd, 492nd, 458th, 467th and the 44th. Capt. Ugarte in #783 led the 44th with six out of the seven leads bombing visually. Light accurate flak was ncountered but there was no battle damage reported by the 67th crews. Excellent fighter support was supplied. A/C #42-100367 f crash-landed in field.

Three 2nd Lts. promoted to 1st: Honmyhr, Herring and Paul, effective 4 July.

A second mission for the day was scrubbed - this one to Haute Gote.
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