44th Bomb Group Mission Number 185

Date City Country Target
7/12/1944 Munich Germany Marshalling Yards

Unofficial Mission Summary 

As the Primary target was not hit yesterday, it was back to Munich again today. 7 PFFs (2 with the 44th) and 34 others from the 67th, 68th, and 506th took off at 0900. The other 5 PFFs flew leads for the 93rd, 448th, 446th and 392nd. Again, Captain Ugarte was the 44th lead. Thirteen of the 67th aircraft made up the second section which was led by Lt. Ward. Moderate inaccurate barrage type flak was encountered in the target area, but there were no enemy aircraft attacks on the formation. Later, reports from higher headquarters indicated the target, the Marshalling Yards, was hit with very excellent results, thereby alleviating many doubts that had been cropping up about the value of the use of PFF equipment on non-visual bombing runs. Only 12 of the 67th planes were credited sorties as Lt. Hyland was forced to turn back due to an oxygen failure. Major Lehnhausen was the Command Pilot with Capt. Ugarte and lead of the 44th. Lt. H.C. Henry of the 67th participated and his bombardier, Lt. Jones recorded this information: We are to fly deputy lead in our ship Myrtle Q, our load is 6 x 500 GPs and 4 x 500 lb clusters of incendiaries. Just as we hit the coast two from our formation turned back. Our #4 engine started losing oil but we decided to go on. Cloud cover almost 10/10th - Lee passed out from back of oxygen. I got him to come to, but he was no good the rest of the mission. I did navigation to the best of my knowledge - could see the ground occasionally. Dropped on the PFF ship over the center of Munich. Flak light on us, but heavy on the squadrons behind us. We were briefed that they had 192 guns in the area. Chaff worked good and most of the firing was low on us. We led the whole 8th Air Force on this one. We were at 24,500 feet most of the time. Then, just as we started our instrument let-down, our #4 engine had to be feathered - out of oil. We let down through the overcast firing red-red flares, cut in on the traffic pattern and landed after 9-21 hours. We had lost 32 gallons of oil per Sgt. Curtin."
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