44th Bomb Group Mission Number 188

Date City Country Target
7/18/1944 Troarn (Caen Area) France Troop Support

Unofficial Mission Summary 

With the plan of aiding the British troops in their big push in the Caen area of France, the Group sent 38 aircraft (no PFFs) over to bomb troop concentrations in the Troarn area. Both the 67th and 68th sent 13 ships each and 12 by the 506th. The 67th's Lt, Ward led the 3rd section which attacked the last resort target of Mezidon, France, and strike photos indicated that good bombing resulted - good to excellent. General Johnson led the first wave. Intense flak, and accurate to boot, was encountered. Again, Lt. Herring was forced to turn back due to mechanical malfunctions. Lt. Duwe sustained slight flak damage; the 506th had 10 ships damaged even with their lead position. Lt. Leonard of the 506th was lead pilot and Gen. Leon Johnson was in his ship. 1st Lt. Cloxton, Supply officer of the 67th, returned to duty while J. Van Koten, 1st Lt. was assigned to the 467th BG.
A second mission for the day was planned for Rotterdam, Holland for their oil storage facilities but it was later scrubbed.
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