44th Bomb Group Mission Number 189

Date City Country Target
7/19/1944 Koblenz Germany Marshalling Yards

Unofficial Mission Summary 

Capt. Aldridge led the Group on an operational mission to Russelsheim, Germany. But the primary was obscurred by clouds, so the secondary, Koblenz Marshalling Yards in the vital industrial area of the Rhine Valley was hit by PFF with excellent results. The Squadron (67th) Put up 13 aircraft as did both the 68th and 5o6th, and the 66th provided PFF lead and deputy lead for the 392nd BG. All planes bombed successfully and all returned to base. The 67th planes were not damaged but the 68th reported moderate and fairly accurate flak with six of their A/C sustaining "A" damages and one "AC". 1st Lt. H.R. Dimpfl was slightly injured by flak. 67th Squadron Supply started issuing Bronze Stars to be worn on ETO ribbons.
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