44th Bomb Group Mission Number 191

Date City Country Target
7/21/1944 Oberpfaffenhofen Germany Armaments

Unofficial Mission Summary 

The mission today was a long one - to Oberpfaffenhofen, an armaments center near Munich, Germany. 27 aircraft, including 4 PFFs, two of which led the 44th and two with the 492nd. Lt. Ward led the second section which was made up of 8 67th ships. The enemy sent up approximately twenty-five aircraft to try to off set our "heavies" attacking force, making their attacks mostly from the tail position. The flak was moderate and accurate. The E/A gave fierce challenge, and combined with the flak, caused the loss of four Group planes. It is believed that these four planes headed for nearby Switzerland. The Group claimed 3 - 1 - 0 against the FW 190s and Me 109s. T/Sgt. Maurice P. Groh, flying as top turret-gunner on Lt. Ward's crew was credited with the destruction of one FW 190. T/Sgt. Edward M. Healy, top turret gunner on Lt. Duwe's crew was credited with the destruction of one ME 109. S/Sgt. Bernard E. Schiffbauer, flying left waist position on Lt. Knowles crew, was credited with the probable destruction of one FW 190. Crews report this mission to be the roughest so far this month, with at least 13 planes returning damaged and four lost.
Losses were:
68th A/C #42-110049 A "Mary Harriet" 1st Lt. J.R. Anderson's crew 68th
A/C #42-95226 c "Channel Hopper" FIO D.Y. Tofte's crew Both ships successfully arriving in Switzerland, crews interned.
506 A/C #42-110034 2nd Lt. J.W. Allen and crew - 8 POWs
506 A/C #42-95142 K 2nd Lt. M.H. Butler - All 10 POWs
506 A/C #42-95207 crash-landed at Warningford, England and later salvaged.
Pilot of this aircraft was Lt. Charles N. Atkins, Jr. 67th Sgt. Woodrow Wilson was cited on the 44th Bomb Group Special Order #43 as the enlisted man of the week for his outstanding work in the D/F Station on the base. Sgts. Raffell, Alexander; Cpls. Franklin, Davis, and Williams assigned and joined the 67th Squadron. Cpl. Turner promoted to Sgt.
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