44th Bomb Group Mission Number 194

Date City Country Target
7/29/1944 Oslebshausen Germany Ship Building Buildings

Unofficial Mission Summary 

The ship building area of Bremen, Germany was the target for 3 of the Group s planes today. Specific area of Bremen was Oslebshausen. The 64h sent nine ships and one abortive; the 67th and 506th sent 10 each, 9 from the 68th, and two planes failed to make the target having collided earlier. The well established record of 41 missions without a loss to the 67th when Lt. Green, flying A/C #820 collided with A/C #309 of the 506th Squadron. The accident occurred just after leaving the English coast off Cromer. S/Sgt. Favors of the 506th, was the sole survivor, but was unable to give more information as to the cause of the accident. Bombing results were unobserved due to cloud cover. Flak was moderate and accurate with some aircraft - Lt. Knowles and Hundelt of the 67th - sustaining some battle damage. Lt. Gunton led a composite squadron made up of six aircraft from each of the 67th and planes from the 492nd BG. He was flying K, one of the oldest ships in the 67th Squadron. Lt. Yatkones was forced to turn back due to the loss of oil pressure on #1 engine. The 506 reports that "At 0830 hours, in making a left turn,- the low element slid under the second element. #3 man in the second element was caught in prop wash and nosed down, colliding with #3 man in the low element. This ship, #309 went into flat spin.
506th A/C #42-95309 Y piloted by 2nd Lt. B.J. Eberhardt - 9 KIA 67th A/C #42-109820 N "The Wasps Nest" No Survivors
Green, William F. 2nd Lt. Pilot Hamilton, Ohio
Lentz, Herbert B. 2nd-Lt. Navigator Baltimore, Maryland
Mortenson, Douglas W. 1st Lt. Co-pilot Port Orchard, Wash.
Kenner, James D. Jr. 2nd Lt. Bombardier King City, Calif.
Broome, Garland R. Sgt. Engineer Prentiss, Miss.
Sherwood, Lawrence J. S/Sgt. Radio Oper. Oceanside, Calif.
McArthur, Earl R. Sgt. LW Gunner Brattleboro, Vt. Byers,
Clifford L. Sgt. Tail Tur. Hereford, Colorado
Landry, Henry C. Sgt. RW Gunner Meridan, Conn.

2nd Lts. Fischer,George, Holcomb,Smith and Stewart promoted to 1st Lts effective 27 July Last night a Buzz Bomb came over the field and woke many. A Missing Air Crew Report on the above collision reports that four chutes were observed from the two ships and Air-Sea Rescue boats were heading toward the spot where both planes went into the sea. The bodies of Lt. D.W. Mortenson, Lt. J.D. Kenner and Sgt. H.C. Landry were recovered by the Air-Sea Rescue group. This accident occurred approximately six miles northeast of Cromer. Sgt. Alva Favors was picked up by Dutch seamen.
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