44th Bomb Group Mission Number 210

Date City Country Target
8/16/1944 Kothen Germany Aircraft Factory

Unofficial Mission Summary 

Kothen Aircraft factory was the ordered Primary today and 33 of the 34 aircraft dispatched (11 67th and 2 PFFs, etc) attacking the target. Bomb loads of 10 x 500 lb GP were skillfully released through 7/10th cloud cover with excellent results for the first two squadrons and poor for the third (due to a bomb rack failure at "Bombs Away"). Capt. Mustapa again led the 44th, with Major Hunn as Command Pilot. Flak was moderate and no enemy aircraft were observed. Fighter support good no losses. The 67th Squadron Commander, Major Felber received his orders to return to the ZOI after flying as Command Pilot with Capt. Aldridge, assisting him with his final mission to complete his tour of operations. Major Felber was transferred to the 12th RCD today. Major Grube, Executive officer, attended a Group Executive meeting today.
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