44th Bomb Group Mission Number 219

Date City Country Target
9/9/1944 Mainz & Worms Germany Marshalling Yards

Unofficial Mission Summary 

The early morning briefing for Ulm M/Y was scrubbed, but we did get the second one off to Mainz M/Y. 33 A/C (9 67th) and two PFFs were dispatched in lead of the "B" Wing of the 14th Combat Wing. 22 A/C and both PFFs attacked the primary, while the high squadron of 11 ships, after being forced off its bomb run by the 467th BG, went on to attack the Worms M/Y with that formation. Results of our bombing were unobserved. No E/A were observed and flak encountered was moderate to intense and accurate. Fighter support was excellent throughout the mission and all our aircraft returned safely. The 9 A/C of the 67th flew in the second section which was led by Lt. Bakalo. Lt. Steele did not take off due to mechanical malfunction. The remaining 8 planes, together with 2 from the 68th Squadron, after being forced off our bomb run' by the 467th, went on with them to attack Worms, utilizing PFF method, results unobserved. Six of the 67th ships sustained slight flak damage and returned at 1400 hours. Lt. Al Jones adds: "Our ship will be Q+ Glory Bee, loaded with 12 x 500 GPs. We will be trying to bomb the rail yards and supply dumps to aid General Patton. Lots of barrage flak from Frankfurt to Mainz. A ship ahead of us received a direct hit, taking the whole tail assembly off at the waist position. Parachute flak also is sent up. It has a can of explosives under it and floats through the formation. We flew at 10,000 feet over Belgium and France. Had a P-51 escort so close I could see what the pilot looked like.
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