44th Bomb Group Mission Number 221

Date City Country Target
9/11/1944 Misburg Germany Hanomag Works

Unofficial Mission Summary 

Lt. Benadom led the Group against the Hanomag Works at Misburg (Har over) along with seven other 67th ships in the 44th's 4 formation of 35 planes. All reached the target and bombed thru cloud cover and the results were unobserved. Ten to 20 E/A were seen but no attacks were made on our Group's formation. Flak was intense and accurate, but we sustained no losses. Six of the 67th's planes received battle damage from the flak and FIO Porter and Sgt. Ponfield suffered slight wounds, too. Lt. Appelin adds: "Results excellent! Battle damage - over 300 holes, number 3 engine shot out, main landing gear flat. One hole in horizontal stabilizer about 3 feet in diameter; bombardier injured. Lt. Ray Porter got it between the eyes and got a lot of plexiglass in his eyes. Lost altitude while struggling home over Great Yarmouth - 14 British destroyers shot at us, warning us not to go over, but we had to. Lt. Hurst landed the ship with auto-pilot - and our iron bird will be put in its nest for a while." Capt. Gatti from duty to leave of absence 5 days. 2nd Lt. Harris promoted to 1st Lt. effective 7 Sept.
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