44th Bomb Group Mission Number 228

Date City Country Target
9/27/1944 Kassel Germany Tank Factory

Unofficial Mission Summary 

28 A/C (8 67th) and 2 PFFs were dispatched today and all but one attacked the secondary, the tank factory at Kassel, Germany via PFF. The Primary was the same target if bombed visually. Lt. Bartlett led the second section composed of 67th aircraft and two from the 68th Squadron. Again, PFF equipment was necessary to bomb this target, so results were unobserved. Flak was moderate to intense, but inaccurate. bomb loading was 12 x 500 lb GPs, altitude of 25,500 feet at -37 Centigrade. Enemy aircraft were seen to the rear and it is believed that following Groups were attacked, although no attacks were made on our formation. We received excellent fighter protection and the Group sustained no losses. Lts. Burtsavage and Henneberry had problem with their oxygen systems. Lt. Appelin adds: "Tiger tank factory was a specific target, and results were fair. Received 26 holes from flak. Saw the most beautiful air battle today. Over 300 P-51s hit about 130 FW 190s and ME 109 - the Jerries were hit hard on this one. Poor 445th BG - 25 bombers went down out of 32 in one attack. I have never seen so much fire in such a short time. It was a bit strange(?) to see four lonely ships come out of a Group of 32 bombers ( 2 crash-landed in France) and in only about 30 seconds of attack. It's a fast war! We had to make a second run over the target. First time over nothing happened, but the second one really pulled up the flak." 2nd Lt. Murray promoted to 1st Lt. effective 24th Sept.
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