44th Bomb Group Mission Number 235

Date City Country Target
10/7/1944 Kassel Germany Tank Factory

Unofficial Mission Summary 

The target for today was a Tank Factory at Kassel, Germany. Lt. Bakalo led the low left squadron which was composed of 10 ships of the 67th. The Group had a total of 37 planes plus 2 PFFs. All but two aircraft attacked, with the first squadron results being excellent, second squadron poor, and the third and fourth unobserved. Lt. Steel was forced to turn back when the Navigator was taken ill, and the remaining 67th ships went on to register fair results. Flak at target was intense and accurate with four of the 67th planes suffering slight battle damage and returning safely. However, the 506th Squadron lost two ships and had another land in Brussels.

506th A/C #42-50789 pilot 1st Lt. W.S. Salfen 3 KIA, 7 POW Last seen in vicinity of Kassels, #1 & #2 engines had been knocked out by flak and it fell out of formation under control. It was last seen and heard from at 1239 hours, called VHF for fighter support and believed heading for friendly territory.

506th A/C #44-40167 (?) pilot 2nd Lt. H.E. Still - 3 KIA, 6 Pow Sgt. John K. Dahlin, LWG, relates: "Plane was hit by flak and set afire. Seven of us bailed out and the plane broke into pieces soon afterward. Later, a German major told me that 3 bodies were found in the crashed plane."
506th A/C #42-50894 (clear on tapes) was badly hit by flak and landed at Brussels. 1ts pilot, Lt. John W. Jones, Jr. had received a severe wound in the left leg, requiring amputation below the knee. He had been hit in both legs and was rushed to the 8th British Army Hospital.
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